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I am thinking of the girl,
As the rain drops meet my face,
A memory resurrected,
Lips met in gloomy weather...
Eyes shut tightly,
Her hair is flatten by the airs dew,
Her smile still ever so elegant,
Faces approach each others...
Her soft lips touch mine,
A dream come true,
Holding her not then but now,
As the rain falls all around us...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 2 0
De Integro
Jess Jess Jess,
You maybe the best!
A mother of three,
All smiles and glee,
And dinners that glow,
Damn why wont this flow?
This poem is a gift of my time,
And granted you are worth the dime,
Im just a tiny bit broke,
Please dont think im a joke!
While you read these lines of work,
I know ill see that cute smirk,
See you just made my week,
Even when it seemed so bleak,
A special woman,
A simple gift,
I lost the rhyme,
I dont really care,
But enjoy it nonetheless,
Because it comes from my heart,
Miss Jessica Lee Lewis
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 3
Dancing the dancers dance,
Left right left,
Rhythm her canvas,
Body her brush…
Sitting first row in,
A man simply gazing,
Captivated by beauty,
Excited while she performs…
Fiery red hair follows her body,
Green eyes looking forth,
The next step,
The next spin…
He keeps his eyes focused on her,
Prancing from foot to foot,
Imagining dancing beside her,
The song finishes,
She stops in place,
And takes a bow…
He stands and claps,
When she rises their eyes meet,
And for a brief second,
The room feels empty,
Except for the dancer,
And the man in the first row…
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 5
Tonight i will sing a song,
A song for those who are not with us,
A song for those we miss,
Tonight i will sing a song…
Tonight I tell a story,
A story of their lives,
Their dismay and troubles,
Their victories and loved ones…
Their memories carried,
By tune and melody,
Tonight i sing a song,
Tonight I tell their story…
While i sing their song,
Dance with laughter,
Drink your spirits down,
Remember their warmth and love...
Tonight i sing a song,
And remember the lessons taught,
For those who are not with us,
The song for those we miss,
Tonights song is that of them...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 0
Eyes that look down on,
Knowing my every being,
Knowing my every sacrifice,
Knowing my every sin...
With weakened knees,
I kneel to you...
The burdens of life,
Lightened by eternal love,
Strengthened by forgiveness,
With shattered soul,
I seek you to mend...
No longer forsaken,
Divine breath fills me,
A purpose of the higher power,
Eyes that look down,
Into my being,
A holy light,
Marking my path forward...
With open heart,
I invite you in...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 8
Oculus Viridis
Soft green eyes,
Locked with mine,
A smile never let go...
Some casual sex,
Time and time again,
Some of the best ever had...
Till one night,
Before she left,
Did i realize...
A touch to the face,
A gaze so deep,
A tear never let show...
A night of passion,
A night to remember,
The night we made love...
The door closed,
And away she went,
Back to a home,
That wasnt mine...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 3
I am sitting here again ready for my new girlfriend...
Who is it?
I dont know just yet.
Alas i think she is a little bit like me,
She has hair to her shoulders brown and soft,
Eyes that are green and a touch that is smooth.
I know she will have her things to do,
And i am not worried,
At the same time i hope she understands that of me as well....
There will always be problems in relationships,
That will test the strength of love,
And i hope she has the strength to barrel through,
Them and be as stubborn as i...
I want someone who can play chess,
And is willing to pick up a controller,
At the same time know when its enough.
She must be able to beat me in a clever debate,
As well as raise interesting counter points.
I want her to be fierce with her politics,
Yet savvy with her emotions.
She doesnt have to be a "freak in bed"
But being a little wild every now and then,
Never hurt a soul.
She must know god as i,
And accept the savior in her life as i have,
My mortal life may be short,
But i
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 0
Luscious eyes,
Slender body,
Hips that say...
Oh la la
A sense for fashion,
A sense for sleek,
With decisions like,
Stilettos or flats...
She has an eye,
For the guy of her dreams,
As he does for her...
They date and dance,
Dinners and movies,
With some wine and candles,
Love is made a single night...
Till one day,
"I'm pregnant"...
Does your dream girl,
Suddenly seem so worthless...
She cries and whimpers,
As the life twist inside,
Her dreams dashed ,
All alone and thrown away...
Broken eyes,
Wrecked body,
Hips that say,
Oh my god...
Forsaken all,
For the future of,
A stranger inside her...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 8
Angelus Alae
I sit here longing,
For the girl with the angel wings,
Her eyes gaze softly,
On her day to day tasks,
Not knowing she saves me,
From my very own...
I dream of things to be done,
Like nights on the town,
Or even trips to a starlit lake,
Making dinner and something else...
A future upon us,
And a ring's commitment,
Our love endowed,
Till eternities edge...
A hand held tightly
As a child is born,
A kiss to the forehead,
Both salty and moist,
While a baby's cry,
Is loud and clear...
Saving me from my day to day,
The dream of the angel wings,
Marking the back,
Of my perfect girl...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 2
A wondering spirit,
Near unstoppable,
Tormented by the day to day...
Dreams and hopes,
Like no other,
Almost redefining,
The words themselves...
Authority and rule,
Stop the dream,
Like a gypsy stuck,
At mountains pass...
A glimpse of defeat,
Stops the spirit,
Breaks it down,
Like a captured mustang...
Only revived,
By pride and will,
Can the broken soul,
Overcome and become
Beautiful again...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 0
Light breaks the dream,
Eyes sting from stale air,
The morning bell rings furiously,
The water hits the face again,
The rushes down the body,
Eyes still believe,
We are not awake,
Wake Wake Wake
Clothes wrinkled not in dresser,
Clock shows five minutes to leave,
For the love of god,
wake wake wake
Engine turns over,
Rubber meets the pavement,
Sun blocks the vision,
wake wake wake
Work begins,
In the worst state of stasis,
Just nine hours...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 0
Sitting here,
Plotting the next step,
Slipping out of reality...
A border world,
Of a vast nebulous,
Of never ending possibilities...
Feeling so insignificant,
Compared to this cosmos,
Drifting away away,
Before my eyes,
Everything that ever was,
Ever will be,
And never could be,
Turns into truth...
At my fingers,
My future unfolds,
At my fingers,
My destiny is created....
Maybe my imagination,
Overstepped its bounds...
Or perhaps...
God took my place,
For a brief second,
And showed me,
What could be done...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 0
Workin out,
Workin in,
Lifting weights,
It burns inside,
Muscles ripped,
And soul torn...
Efforts put forth,
In redundant action,
Exhausted and persistence,
In perfect harmony...
To find a goal,
So few strive for,
To take myself on...
Only to find...
My potential is limitless,
Workin out,
Workin in...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 0
The missing touch,
One while unconscious,
The warmth of another,
While dreaming of tomorrow...
Breath from the vents,
Conditioned air hits the flesh,
An arm gripped tightly,
For every bit of warmth it has...
Nothing serious in the way of love,
Just a friend in need of rest,
Not knowing how much,
I missed that embrace...
Something lost,
So long ago...
Refreshed tonight,
Some hope restored,
And a soul revitalized...
Maybe a hearts mended,
Maybe a time has come,
For me to find the one again...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 4
So here it is,
The end result,
A fuse caused ignition,
With powders blast and tempers gone...
A question of logic,
And a burst of emotion
Your ways of gratitude,
Surpassed my generosity...
Took from me my giving nature
To a situation of take take take,
Can;t seem to keep my pocket full
You seem to leach it out fast then i refill...
Must be nice,
To have a good friend,
You can walk on
And take full advantage...
Know that when your pocket
Is empty once more...
I will watch you suffer,
With smile
From ear to ear...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 0 0
A wounded hour,
Drifted into a wounded year...
Lost a will to love another,
Roamed around from bed to bed...
Perhaps a quest for fun,
In the end just wasted time...
A temporary laugh,
A quick kiss,
A simple night of pleasure,
Only followed by a farewell...
To bury myself in another,
For a brief moment,
Shear ecstasy and relief
Mixed with bitter resentment
And regret...
To love the loveless,
And something in turn,
Pain and sorrow is all i got...
My very existence...
Yet again...
:iconorunitia:Orunitia 1 0

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Never have I seen such captivating eyes
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And your blinding smile
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ambulance drives, lights flash round
a cigarette shortens life by twenty minutes
marijuanna impairs
along with alcohol
terrible sounds of screeching tires
permeate the air
and a terrifying scream ends
too suddenly
as the chariot's journey ends
too quickly.
They only left the grad moments ago
ten minutes of a moment
their trip should have taken
another forty minutes
like a couple cigarettes
or too many drinks and joints
it's over now though. nothing said
or done now can change that. they died
happy, anyways. The end of grad, right?
freedom of choice killed them. not
the falling but the landing.
The impact.
if dying happy is full of screams and terror
highs and drunken error don't take it.
they didn't want to.
hearts beat 'til they're out of energy
bodies last 'til they're worn out.
impact isn't part of dying
it's part of death
the ditch is cleared
consequences of mistakes erased
but even as the policeman
knocks on the door,
tears in his eyes
an ambulance lights up again.
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And I dialed your number, 'cause I still had thumbs.
After a few rings, you answered the phone.
I said, "Hello, hey it's me!" And I heard dial tone.
And from the waist up, I went to your house.
I pulled myself to your door. You said, "Who....? Get out."
So my chest and I, we crawled closer.
You said, "You know me!? Don't be so sure."
I tried to explain, this neck is mine.
"You know," I continued, "You've kissed it a hundred times."
By then all I had was just a face.
Where my throat would be, an empty space.
I begged you please, kiss my lips.
So you'd know who was this fading Miss.
But before you would I was only eyes.
And I wrote this for you, with the strands in my hair ties.
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Favourite cartoon character: Phillip J Fry
Personal Quote: My emotional pain can only be described through an infinite amount of physical pain.
so my buddies birthday was a few weeks ago and i didnt get him anything (broke as shit).

Then an artist on DA said she needed some assistance and was willing to trade work for cash (typical capitalist mind set, go capitalism!). SO i hired her to do a job and she ( Azayakachan ) made something amazing!…

Thank you again Azayakachan! :)


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